The Rising Demand for Naturally-Sourced Cosmetics Boosts the Production of Marula Oil

Although pocket-friendly, chemical-based cosmetic products are receiving backlash from consumers due to potential side effects on the skin, and the hair. Realizing the situation, manufacturers are turning to naturally-sourced cosmetic formulations that pose nil after effects. And marula oil gels along well as a vital natural ingredient in various skin care, and hair care products.

Locally extracted in Southern Africa – Namibia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe, marula oil is being utilized in food items or for medicinal applications in the native regions. As marula oil reveals immense skin- and hair-protecting properties, manufacturers are including marula oil in several cosmetic formulations.

Analysts at Persistent Market Research suggests that the sales of marula oil is estimated to peg ~US$ 39 Mn in 2019 and is anticipated to click ~US$ 60 Mn in 2029 at a moderate growth. Surging employment of organic ingredients in the cosmetics vertical is a prime driver for market progress. In addition, the deployment of innovative technologies is set to reduce the turnaround time for the production of marula oil – the next leg of growth.

Marula Oil Becoming a Key Ingredient in Skin Care Products

PMR finds that the inclusion of marula oil is significantly high in skin care products – ~71%. Marula oil, following the abundance of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial features, shields skin from different external adversaries. Presence of advanced moisturizing and rich steric acid content in marula oil aids in retaining the moisture in the skin. Marula oil diminishes wrinkles on the skin owing to the affluence of essential omega fatty acids. As a consequence, marula oil comfortably fits into the increasing demand for anti-aging skincare formulations.

Facial skin products, particularly moisturizers, are observing wide acceptance among consumers across the globe. In addition, consumers are always seeking customization in skin care products. Marula oil offers a multitude of skin favorable aspects, allowing manufacturers to satiate the customization requisite.  

Increasing Application of Organic Cosmetics in Europe Catches the Eyes of Marula Oil Producers

The consumption of marula oil is highest in Europe with the region accounting for about two-fifths of the market revenue, suggests PMR. The usage of cosmetic products is facing an uplift in Europe, especially Germany, France, and the UK in tandem with the intensifying trend of organic culture. Marula oil is sourced naturally either from soft kernel seeds or hard nut shells, and exhibits affluent skin and hair benefits. Consequently, marula oil aligns with the growing preference of organic cosmetic products.

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Individuals in Europe, particularly millennials, are looking for products that aid in sustaining the appearance of their skin, paving way for anti-aging formulations. With the fad of animal-free items taking charge in a majority of countries, cosmetic manufacturers are adding natural ingredients, such as marula oil, to their offerings to satiate the demand.