Organic Cheese: Snackables for Convenience and Health

Organic Cheese

The demand for organic foods has grown as a direct consequence of growing health concerns among consumers and awareness with regards to the health benefits of organic foods. With global healthcare getting more expensive and the realization of the importance of a healthy lifestyle also gaining traction, organic living is a trend that is here to stay.

The trend for organic cheeses has also quickly caught on, with the demand for cheese that is produced without antibiotics, growth hormones and dangerous pesticides growing. The milk for this cheese comes from cows that eat only organically grown pasture grasses, and it is processed using naturally occurring microbial enzymes, not only making it a safe choice for vegetarians, making it truly environmentally friendly as well. 

General Demand for Cheese

In recent years, there has been a drastic change in the food preferences and consumption by people due to the growing popularity for healthier diets. While this has happened largely due to changing economic and social factors giving people access to information about ingredients and their nutritional value. This has created opportunities for growth in the more mature dairy industry and as an extension on the cheese industry as well. Interest in organic and natural ingredients, and healthier snack choices has shaped the consumption of cheese, with healthy cheese becoming a lucrative prospect.

Cheese Snackables – An Emerging Trend

Snack sized helpings is a trend that has been popular in F&B for a while, but its growing influence on the cheese industry has only emerged in recent years, due to a growing call for cheese in the snacking realm. Frontrunners in the organic cheese market are progressively moving towards meeting this demand by introducing resealable packaging and smaller portion sizes to increase overall convenience of cheese consumption.

Leading players are also looking at catering to snackers by highlighting the health benefits of organic cheese while also following the transparent label path by drawing attention to clean ingredients and packaging.

Raw Organic Cheese is Here to Stay

Consumers are becoming increasingly experimental with tastes and this is opening them up to previously ignored foods such as raw organic cheese. This experimental approach has led to an increased interest in artisanal varieties that are grass-fed, organic and made of raw milk and other characteristics. This is a trend that is increasingly driven by heath concerns, with consumers opting for specialty products like raw milk cheeses, which are considered easier to digest than normal dairy products.

The average consumer is a lot more knowledgeable about food in general, something that also extends into cheese and manufacturers are looking to capitalize in this by focusing on the health benefits of products to gain an advantage.

The popularity of raw milk organic cheeses continues to grow despite the stringent conditions around the import and export raw milk products to various countries, over concerns on the quality and shelf life. Despite this, the popularity of raw milk organic cheese continues to grow.

Moving Away From the Fanciness of It

There is a growing trend in the food industry with consumers drifting towards experimenting with new flavors, textures and tastes on a regular basis. This is being driven by information and access to a variety of cheeses from around the world, this includes obscure ones that were earlier hard to find. With manufacturers also aiming to leverage this willingness to experiment, they are looking their products being packaged in bite-sized servings that are also economically friendly for their consumers, busting the myth that cheeses are only for occasions and not for more regular consumption.

Cheese is getting increasingly popular with consumers, with increased demand for it from around the world, and manufacturers are rising to the occasion and meeting the demand, giving cheese its shining moment in the sun.

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