3 Major Technological Innovations from the Global Power Tools Market

Power tool manufacturers across the world are constantly working towards the development of new innovations in products to enhance aspects such as usability, durability, and safety. Power tool suppliers are emphasizing on features that help save time and money through, low power consumption and ease of use among others.

Cordless Technology to Improve Productivity

Innovative advancements in stable platforms for operating cordless technology such as motors, batteries, and digital electronics have been instrumental in the development of new solutions for increased productivity. Cordless technology finds higher levels of applications owing to the requirements of a continuously evolving workplace and the demand to improve on the delivery of solutions that assist in faster and smarter work and versatility of use. As a result of this, technological breakthroughs in conventional motors, Lithium-ion batteries, and new-age electronics are being integrated into every day tools to allow effective cordless solutions within the power tools market.

As per a recent study by Future Market Insights on the global power tools market, cordless power tools are gaining in popularity despite being more costly in relation to corded power tools, owing to increased ease of use and improved safety features, especially among DIY enthusiasts. The demand for cordless power tools is expected to rise steadily in the near future, as their adoption rate improves even in developing economies.

Bosch Optimizes Organized Tool Storage Solutions

Apart from the demand for enhanced performance of cordless power tools, recent times have revealed a major need for improved tool storage organization and portability solutions. High user preference for operational freedom, performance, power, and higher run time are generating opportunities for improvement for power tool manufacturers.

Towards this end, Bosch has recently revealed its range of L-BOXXes, which make use of its patented Click & Go system, which solves 3 major problem areas of storage, organization, and mobility. Available in 5 unique sizes, the innovative system of L-BOXXes can store all kinds of hand tools, and relevant parts, and accessories that are used with power tools and other equipment. Each box can be simply clicked in place on top of each other and they offer better mobility by being fixed onto movable platforms.

These storage boxes also comprise different sizes of small, color coordinated internal cups that provide optimized flexibility for users to customize their tool kits in the way they want. Smaller iBOXX variants of storage cases also feature similar cups that have clear lids for quick storage and retrieval. All of these storage boxes can be used separately or be fit into Bosch’s specialized shelf units to move multiple tool kits at the same time.

Metabo Creates Low Profile Headed Grinders for Increased Safety

Metabo Corporation released its range of flat-head grinders that have a low profile design for easy access in confined areas and narrow angles that conventional grinders cannot reach. These grinders use patented gear drives for this purpose, ultimately reducing the risk of power tool operators working in such difficult conditions.

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