Three Peak Advancements Stirring the Demand for Nutrition-rich Alternatives Such as Almond Flour

almond flour market

Also referred to as almond powder and almond meal, almond flour primarily finds application in in the food industry. Almond flour is gaining significance in bakery and confectionaries as it replaces grain flour use by nearly 25 percent. Moreover, the increasing application in producing crackers and cookies has resulted in the growing consumption of almond flour.

Gluten-intolerant Ingredient Alternatives Gaining Major Emphasis

Gluten-free food ingredients are attracting the attention of customers with the nutritive and health attributes associated with them. A study has discovered the growing inclination of Americans towards gluten-free alternatives. Until 2017, a large number of people in the United States were following a gluten-free diet, and the number has been increasing substantially.

Gluten-free ingredients are enabling consumers to move away from ingredients such as rye, wheat, barley, and other gluten-containing flours. Almonds are high in protein, low in carbohydrates, healthy fats, and fibers and are gluten-free, making almonds the right choice for people with gluten intolerance. Moreover, consumption of almonds on a regular basis offers considerable health benefits, thereby fueling the demand for almond products.

Increasing Demand for Grain-free Foods to Foster Almond Flour Consumption

The new emerging trend of grain-free foods and grain-free diets is expected to boost the demand for almond flour, recognized as one of the grain-free alternatives available in the market. With the prevalence of grain-free substitutes, almond flour processors are carrying out activities in favor of almond flour production enhancement. There is an idea transformation witnessed in the market, where previously the concept revolved around consuming whole wheat products as a healthy alternative, to the present trend of avoiding grains substantially. Such developments play a major role in shaping the future of the almond flour market. To support the current trends manufacturers are expanding their offerings to cater to the changing requirements of consumers. For example, Simple Mills introduced an almond flour cracker snack pack, comprising six single-serving packages.

Barney Butter, for instance, unveiled the first-of-its-kind almond butter powder that is a naturally expeller pressed, single ingredient product. With superior health benefits owing to the nearly 75 percent few calories and about 93 percent less fat compared to conventional almond butter, the product is likely to be a hit among consumers.

Natural Dietary Supplements Demand to Trigger Innovation

Emerging countries are reflecting a profitable opportunity for almond flour market participants. The increasing shift towards natural food products and ingredients has proliferated the consumption of almond derived products such as almond milk and almond flour. The demand for natural dietary supplements is also witnessed across developing nations. This has further driven innovations and resulted in newly developed natural dietary supplements produced with almond flour.

Noosh Brands Almond Protein Powder, for instance, claimed to be the only almond based protein powder in the world, when it was launched online exclusively in May 2018. Post that, the company has made major expansions in its brand with new formulations. The high-quality almond protein powder was designed by combining capabilities of food science and technology.
With such innovations blooming in the market, almond flour or almond powder is finding major application in the preparation of healthy food alternatives.

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