Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services: Robotic Bugs and Snakes at Your Service Now!

Evolving attitude of average customers towards vehicular safety along with increasing reliance on the road transportation for plethora of activities are taken up as the two lucrative and powerful enablers of automotive repair and maintenance services market growth. Apart from this, rapidly increasing sales of used cars across several developing regions helps in further stimulating demand for automotive repair and maintenance services.

Development of New Robot Bugs and Snakes Enhancing Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services

Ripping apart engines of road vehicles and planes for diagnosing and fixing issues is expected to be a time-consuming and expensive procedure. In a bid to cater to such issues, a luxury automaker and engineering company has developed an innovative idea for dealing with hard-to-reach places with the help of insect and snake-inspired robotics. In addition, robotics are expected to pave ways for revolution in automotive repair and maintenance services, especially with regards to engines. The pair of snakes are flexible enough for travelling through the engines, in order to fix patch repairs to the dented thermal barrier coatings. With the help of these robotics, even the critical vehicle parts can be repaired, thereby causing no further damage to the vehicle.

Apart from this, the luxury automotive repair and maintenance services market player has developed miniature robots benefitting in plane maintenance, inspired by the insect swarms. Most of all, the insect robotics consist of tiny cameras that delivers visual feeds in real-time for operators. The miniature robots also helps in minimizing the costs and time related to removal of aircraft engines.

Over-The-Air Updates to Take a Major Leap in Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services

On a broader perspective, some trending opportunities in automotive repair and maintenance services market are

  • Collaborations between the small and locally owned leasing firms as well as repair shops.
  • Growing inclination towards the adoption of remote vehicle diagnostics system

However, locally owned repair shops have been strategically focusing on attaining huge repair and maintenance contracts with the insurance firms, fleet owners and leasing firms, in order to expand their market share as well as profits. Increased reliability is offered by means of remote diagnostics system and on-call assistance. For example, automakers are taking immense efforts in rolling out automotive repair and maintenance services for remotely fixing faulty vehicles. Some of the leading automotive repair and maintenance services market players are planning to develop models by 2020 that would enable OTA (Over-The-Air) updates, thereby upgrading the vehicle with all-new features as well as remotely fixes faulty vehicle software. Companies such as Tesla are contributing significantly towards upgradation of vehicles by availing remote diagnostics system. Hassle-free and time saving procedures are the benefits end-users can reap with the OTA repair and maintenance services.

Online Platforms to Beef Up Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services, online hassle-free automotive repair and maintenance services app is targeted towards motorists, helping them in addressing all the requirements of their vehicle in the most time-saving and effective way. The online hassle-free automotive repair and maintenance services app offers preventive maintenance services as the end-user just has to look for preferred car shop in the app, book appointment and the company drivers will thereafter take care of the pick-up and drop back services. Most of all, this innovative app offers customer convenience, thereby bringing reliance and quality-of-work to the customers.

Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Automotive Repair and Maintenance Services

Development of artificial intelligence based automotive repair and maintenance services is likely to benefit Openbay Company running online services for automotive repair and maintenance services. is striving for enhancing interactions of consumers across the messaging and mobile apps, social platforms and websites, which drives the need for predictive analytics, machine learning and natural-language processing. The company further will be expanding its offerings globally, with the help of heavy funding.

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